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10 tips to save fuel

10 tips to save fuel

With fuel prices rocketing skyhigh, it's time to adapt the way you live and drive to save some money. Here on PoLPiX we've collected TEN golden tips, to help you get more mileage. Enjoy! 
Use as little horse-power as possible,
be gentle with the pedals (and the whip)
Make more use of tram, bus or subway
(do not forget to leave your car at home)
Use your bicycle to to to work or shopping
(don't forget to lock it up, though!)
Avoid congestion charges: ride a motorbike
(be sure to wear protective clothing and helmet!)
When having to buy a new car,
choose an environment-friendly one.
(buying a second-hand one: watch out for woodworm!)
Search for alternative routes to go to work
( don't over-do it, though)
Move closer to your workplace
(you will save time and money)
Even when you have to carry a lot to work: be inventive and walk
(but don't be rediculous)
Don't carry unnessessary stuff in your boot (or trunk if you're a Yank)
(And certainly not while riding your bike...)
Consider sharing a ride with your co-workers
(or just go hiking if you're tired of live)
Nobody has this tip on his site / blog:
get a species change: be the first to have this operation
(it worked for the ancient Greeks...)


fredzijn op 19-06-2008 17:58
@Popol: WAT voor 'services"?

Handige tips trouwens. Ik zou die lifster wel meenemen hoor, en ze hoeft niet voor haar leven te vrezen.
PoPoL op 19-06-2008 18:14
welcome back, Fred,
zoals je zult gemerkt hebben
is de opzet van dit blogje vernieuwd:
alle oude blogs werden eraf gehaald en hier gaat nu 'af en toe'
een engelstalige versie van PoPoL verschijnen.
Eens zien of dat we zo (meer) buitenlandse bezoekers kunnen lokken...
fredzijn op 19-06-2008 18:19
Leuk begin. Ik zal zeker kijken als je wat nieuws plaatst.
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