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Do The Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel, geboren Kasner (Hamburg, 17 juli 1954) is een Duitse christendemocratische politica. Sinds 22 november 2005 is ze bondskanselier van Duitsland en daarmee de eerste vrouwelijke regeringsleider van dat land.
Angela Dorothea Merkel (geborene Kasner; * 17. Juli 1954 in Hamburg) ist eine deutsche Politikerin. Seit dem 22. November 2005 ist sie deutsche Bundeskanzlerin und seit April 2000 Bundesvorsitzende der CDU. Von 1990 bis 1994 war Merkel Bundesministerin für Frauen und Jugend und von 1994 bis 1998 als Bundesministerin für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit im Kabinett Kohl. Von 1998 bis 2000 amtierte sie als Generalsekretärin der CDU. Auf der Forbesliste ist Merkel seit vier Jahren in Folge (2006–2009) die mächtigste Frau der Welt

Angela Dorothea Merkel born Kasner, 17 July 1954) is the current Chancellor of Germany. Merkel, elected to the German Parliament from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, has been the chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 10 April 2000, and Chairwoman of the CDU-CSU parliamentary party group from 2002 to 2005. She leads a grand coalition with the Christian Social Union (CSU), its Bavarian sister party, and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), formed after the 2005 federal election on 22 November 2005.

Angela Merkel, née Kasner le 17 juillet 1954 à Hambourg, est une femme politique allemande. Membre de l'Union chrétienne-démocrate (CDU), elle est ministre fédéral des Femmes et de la Jeunesse du cabinet Kohl IV (1991-1994), et ministre fédéral de l'Environnement, de la Protection de la nature et de la Sécurité nucléaire du cabinet Kohl V (1994-1998). Depuis 2000, elle est présidente de la CDU. Suite à la victoire relative de la droite aux élections fédérales, elle est élue au poste de chancelier fédéral le 22 novembre 2005. À la tête d'une « grande coalition », elle est la première femme à occuper ce poste en Allemagne. Depuis 2006, elle est la femme la plus puissante du monde, selon le magazine américain Forbes.

А́нгела Дороте́я Ме́ркель (нем. Angela Dorothea Merkel, урождённая Каснер (нем. Kasner); род. 17 июля 1954, Гамбург) — немецкий политик, лидер партии Христианско-демократический союз с 10 апреля 2000 года. С 21 ноября 2005 года Ангела Меркель занимает пост федерального канцлера Германии после победы руководимой ею партии ХДС на досрочных парламентских выборах в сентябре 2005 года.
En nu is er een nieuw handgebaar, "de Merkel". Makkelijk te leren, klik op onderstaande foto!

And now there is a new hand gesture, " the Merkel". Easy to learn: click on photograph below!

Und jetzt gibt es eine neue Handgeste, " das Merkel". Einfach zu erlernen: klicken Sie das Bild!

Maintenant il y a un nouveau geste de main, ", le Merkel" . Facile à apprendre : cliquez la photo ci-dessous!
И теперь новый жест руки, " Merkel". Легко для того чтобы выучить: щелкните дальше фотоснимок ниже! 
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Top 10 Best April Fool Jokes Ever

Today is the first of April. Traditionally it is the day to pull a prank on the innocent bystander. PoPoL did some research on what kind of jokes have made the news in the past. Hereby my personal Top 10 of April Fool's Day pranks.
1915: On April 1, 1915, in the midst of World War I, a French aviator flew over a German camp and dropped what appeared to be a huge bomb. The German soldiers immediately scattered in all directions, but no explosion followed. After some time, the soldiers crept back and gingerly approached the bomb. They discovered it was actually a large football with a note tied to it that read, "April Fool!" 
1959: The residents of Wellingborough, England woke to find a trail of white footprints painted along the main street of their town. At the end of the trail were the words, "I must fly." 
1950: Motorists driving along the scenic Rim of the World highway near Lake Arrowhead in Southern California discovered that the pine and cedar trees lining the road had all grown oranges overnight. The transformation was the work of the residents of the nearby town of Skyforest, led by the cartoonist Frank Adams. They had crept out during the night and strung 50,000 oranges in the trees along a one-mile section of the highway. The fruit was left over from the recent National Orange Show in San Bernardino.
1980: The BBC reported that Big Ben, in order to keep up with the times, was going to be given a digital readout. The announcement received a huge response from listeners shocked and angered by the proposed change. The BBC Japanese service also announced that the clock hands would be sold to the first four listeners to contact them. One Japanese seaman in the mid-Atlantic immediately radioed in a bid. 
1993: Westdeutsche Rundfunk, a German radio station, announced that officials in Cologne had just passed an unusual new city regulation. Joggers going through the park would be required to pace themselves to go no faster than six mph. Any faster, it was felt, would unnecessarily disturb the squirrels who were in the middle of their mating season. 
2000 Early morning commuters travelling on the northern carriageway of the M3 motorway near Farnborough, Hampshire (UK) encountered a pedestrian zebra crossing painted across the busy highway. The perpetrator of the prank was unknown. A police spokesman speculated that the prank, "must have been done very early in the morning when there was little or no traffic on the motorway." Maintenance workers were quickly summoned to remove the crossing, which was apparently not too difficult to do since the pranksters had used emulsion paint rather than gloss. The police noted that, surprisingly, they had received no calls from the public about the crossing. 
1919 The citizens of Venice woke on the morning of April 1 to find piles of horse manure deposited throughout the Piazza San Marco, as if a procession of horses had gone through there during the night. This was extremely unusual, since the Piazza is surrounded by canals and not easily accessible to horses. The manure turned out to be the work of the infamous British prankster Horace de Vere Cole, who was honeymooning in Venice. He had transported a load of manure over from the mainland the night before with the help of a gondolier and had then deposited small piles of it throughout the Piazza.
1993 London's Independent announced the discovery by archaeologists of the 3000-year-old village of the cartoon hero Asterix. The village was said to have been found at Le Yaudet, near Lannion, France, in almost precisely the location where Rene Goscinny, Asterix's creator, had placed it in his books. The expedition was led by Professor Barry Cunliffe, of Oxford University, and Dr. Patrick Galliou, of the University of Brest. Supposedly the team found evidence that the small village had never been occupied by Roman forces. They also discovered Celtic coins printed with the image of a wild boar (the favorite food of Asterix's friend Obelix), as well as a large collection of rare Iron Age menhirs (standing stones).
1986 The French newspaper Le Parisien stunned French citizens when it reported that an agreement had been signed to dismantle the Eiffel Tower. The international symbol of French culture would then be reconstructed in the new Euro Disney theme park going up east of Paris. In the space where the Tower used to stand, a 35,000 seat stadium would be built for use during the 1992 Olympic Games. 
1957: The respected BBC news show Panorama announced that thanks to a very mild winter and the virtual elimination of the dreaded spaghetti weevil, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. It accompanied this announcement with footage of Swiss peasants pulling strands of spaghetti down from trees. Huge numbers of viewers were taken in. Many called the BBC wanting to know how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. To this the BBC diplomatically replied, "place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best." 
1975: Australia's This Day Tonight news program revealed that the country would soon be converting to "metric time." Under the new system there would be 100 seconds to the minute, 100 minutes to the hour, and 20-hour days. Furthermore, seconds would become millidays, minutes become centidays, and hours become decidays. The report included an interview with Deputy Premier Des Corcoran who praised the new time system. The Adelaide townhall was even shown sporting a new 10-hour metric clock face. The thumbnail shows TDT Adelaide reporter Nigel Starck posing with a smaller metric clock. TDT received numerous calls from viewers who fell for the hoax. One frustrated viewer wanted to know how he could convert his newly purchased digital clock to metric time.
So far for my personal Top Ten of April Fool's Pranks.
And finally, as a bonus, the prank the BBC made in 2008: a documentary about Flying Penguins, presented by ex-Monthy Python Terry Jones. Watch the penguins fly in the clip at the bottom!
2008: The BBC announced that camera crews filming near the Antarctic for its natural history series Miracles of Evolution had captured footage of Adélie penguins taking to the air. It even offered a video clip of these flying penguins, which became one of the most viewed videos on the internet. Presenter Terry Jones explained that, instead of huddling together to endure the Antarctic winter, these penguins took to the air and flew thousands of miles to the rainforests of South America where they "spend the winter basking in the tropical sun." A follow-up video explained how the BBC created the special effects of the flying penguins.

By the way, did you discover PoPoL's little prank? 
There are ELEVEN items in this 'top ten' ;-)
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does my bum look big in this?

"Does my bum look big in this?" Probably the most posed question of all time. By women, that is.
What is it that women make to think that their bottom is too big? It can only be us men, who have created this obsession for a flat arse. And every skinny girl or boy can tel you that having too little fat to sit on is a painfull thing. Anyway, too much or too little: in both cases it's not comfortable.
- - - - - - - - 
"Lijkt mijn kont zo niet te dik?" Waarschijnlijk is dit 's werelds meest gestelde vraag. Door dames dan.
Wat is het toch dat vrouwen altijd laat denken dat hun gat te dik is? Dat kan alleen maar aan ons, mannen, liggen. Maar heb je er al eens aan gedacht dat een platte kont je veel zitpijn bezorgt? Dat kan iedere magere jongen of meid je wel vertellen. Te dik of te dun: "te" is nooit goed.
Click on the pictue to visit a funny website about big bums
klik op het plaatje om een grappige
website rond dikke konten te bezoeken
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office stress compilation video

Thank God it's Saturday... No office work today. Time to relax and enjoy your weekend after a week of stock crashes and turmoil. 
But if you thought that you had stress on the job, then sit back and watch the video compilation below: these people just lost it and thanks to all the camera's on the job, we are able to enjoy somebody else's misery...

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women explained

For all those guys out there, who are wondering what went wrong in their relationship: here is a clear guide on women.
Print it out, display it in ful view and learn it's specifications it by heart, so that you will never again be caught in the pitfalls of women's logics...
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Five Bicycle Tips

With rocketing fuel prices, more and more people start to commute by bicycle. Most of us know how to ride a bike, but a lot of people are unaware of the dangers that lurk in the urban jungle. To protect new cyclists from the disgrace of getting caught in one of many pitfalls, PoPoL has made a list with five life-saving tips for the urban cyclist. Here they are:
 TIP # 1
Check your bike before you ride it,
check brakes, lights and wheelnuts:
someone might have tampered with your bike.
TIP # 2
Always keep an eye on the road,
so that you can avoid any unforseen obstacles.
TIP # 3
Especially when wet:
be gentle on the brakes,
use both front and rear brakes
with modesty.
TIP # 4
Whe packing the bicycle,
try to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.
(and keep the luggage dry, off course)
TIP # 5
The most important tip of all:
even when the weather is hot,
and you 're dressed casually...
Enjoy your ride !
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wet pussies

Not just one wet pussy, but two wet pussies!
That's what you get today on Polpix's incredible blog.
Two wet pussies AND a man in wet trousers!
What more could one ask for??
click for pussy enlargement
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Summer Holidays are Here !

Eat your heart out Australia: now it is our time to have a Summer Holiday!

Yes, yes, yes!
The moment where we've all been waiting for, eleven long, wet and cold months long.
Time to go on Holiday!
Eleven months of longing for sand, sea and something else.
Eleven months of planning.
Eleven months of dreaming of exotic beaches.
And in a month's time, it will all be over. And the dreaming, longing, etcetera will all start again. The only thing that will last are the memories. The memories and of course: the Holiday Snapshots! Aah, let's remind us what is was last year:
Wasn't it a bit crowdy, up on that rock?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, in the subway?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, in the swimming pool?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, on the market?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, on the train?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, on the beach?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, in the city?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, in the sea?
wasn't it a bit crowdy, to phone home?
I guess I'm staying home this year,
with everybody else going abroad,
I'll have the whole beach for myself !
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10 tips to save fuel

With fuel prices rocketing skyhigh, it's time to adapt the way you live and drive to save some money. Here on PoLPiX we've collected TEN golden tips, to help you get more mileage. Enjoy! 
Use as little horse-power as possible,
be gentle with the pedals (and the whip)
Make more use of tram, bus or subway
(do not forget to leave your car at home)
Use your bicycle to to to work or shopping
(don't forget to lock it up, though!)
Avoid congestion charges: ride a motorbike
(be sure to wear protective clothing and helmet!)
When having to buy a new car,
choose an environment-friendly one.
(buying a second-hand one: watch out for woodworm!)
Search for alternative routes to go to work
( don't over-do it, though)
Move closer to your workplace
(you will save time and money)
Even when you have to carry a lot to work: be inventive and walk
(but don't be rediculous)
Don't carry unnessessary stuff in your boot (or trunk if you're a Yank)
(And certainly not while riding your bike...)
Consider sharing a ride with your co-workers
(or just go hiking if you're tired of live)
Nobody has this tip on his site / blog:
get a species change: be the first to have this operation
(it worked for the ancient Greeks...)
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